Spirit of 84 Scooterists

We have been active in the German and British scooter scene since the 1980s.

We organize Scooterist Meltdown (12.-14. Feb. 2016 -- further information on www.scooterist-meltdown.de and Scooterist Meltdown Fanpage).

We also organize Venlo Scooter Rally 2016 (26.-28. August 2016 -- further info on Facebook/Venlo Scooter Rally 2016  and Facebook/Venlo Scooter Rally) We have organized the Venlo rally from 1993-95 as part of Holiday in Holland, the revival in 2013 (Venlo Reloaded 2013) as well as Venlo Scooter Rally 2014 and 2015.


Title: Pic by LIT & Yo Leila